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Weeding Needed

This morning I weeded my garden. I had to. The tomatoes and kale were being strangled by bindweed and couchgrass.

Let me be clear, these weren’t my weeds. I inherited this garden from the last resident of this farm. They weren’t my weeds but they had to go.

I didn’t get all of them. I couldn’t clear them all out without damaging the other plants. So I came down on the side of compromise. A few weeds stayed but the entire garden will benefit from the weeding I could do.

It was hard work. We are having a hot, humid spell and I had to start weeding at about 6 AM because after 9 AM, it’s just too hot.

It was hard work. I didn’t want to do it. But, I had to and I had to do it thoughtfully and well.

Not to push it too hard but where does your garden need weeding today? What’s growing and needs to be chopped down, dug out and thrown away? What are you responsible and

accountable for? Are you tending it, shepherding them, nurturing them?Or are you just hoping the weeds will go away and there’ll still be a full harvest?

Any good farmer will tell you it doesn’t work that way. Take responsibility for your sphere of influence and get to work. And, in advance, thank you.

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