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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016

**Over the next several weeks, #FreshPrayer will be going on the road.  What does this mean?  Maybe a little less audio quality, some recognizable background noise – dogs barking, the hum of the dryer, the buzzer on the washing machine, the phone ringing. Why? Because it is time to move prayer from the strict silence of the sanctuary and studio and move it to where it belongs. Prayer is a real conversation with God, in real-time and circumstance.  The prayers on this recording may be words that were written long ago but they are as fresh as this morning’s coffee and today’s challenges and blessings.

For a season, thanks to portable technology, I will be recording #FreshPrayer from the places I live, not shut up in some ivory tower somewhere. And the prayers will occasionally be accompanied by photos, #FreschViews for #FreshPrayer. As always, your thoughts and prayers and reflections are welcome.

Click on the arrow below to pray with today’s Daily Office – from the living room!

The prayers are a little over 23 minutes long.

MonthlyPsalter – Day 24 (116 – 119a) from The Message

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