I love how Holy Week has a way of realigning my spiritual compass, reminding me of how much Jesus loves me and you.

Lord over the next few days, may the reminders of your passion fill us with overwhelming gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose. As we journey from tears to triumph, help our hearts to become tender toward those who are far from you, as we once were. Help us (once again) to leave behind the grave clothes of our doubt and fear and walk in the clarity, courage, and confidence of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ. (thx Steven Barr)

I like this quote although I am not loving this season. I am putting my faith in the fact that “Sunday’s coming”, “The King is Coming” and “I Believe in a Hill Called Mt Calvary”
You can hear the whole album “NoMore Night” here: http://wp.me/P2EkyI-zS