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StoneWritten: There’s Enough

Slow down long enough to sit and savor these words.  Not just for today at the beginning of the year. May we still be sipping the sweetness of God’s abundance 12 days, 12 months, 12 millienia, 12 eternities from now…..Kelli+


January 1, 2016 · by Emily Stone

It is a shiny new year and I want to tell you something. It is just this very simple, but incredibly important thing.

Here it is.

You have time, sweet girl. You have time.

There is enough…and you have time.

Listen to me for just a minute. Just a tiny moment. There’s enough time for us to have this little talk, I promise.

There is a vicious lie coursing through humanity. It is a lie built on a bed called “scarcity”. On that bed of lies you will find a cold blanket sewn out of a fabric called “not enough”.

The threads of this fabric intertwine covering you with a mantra intended to protect, but patterned to steal, kill, and destroy.

There is not enough.

There is not enough.

There is not enough.

There is not enough space. Not enough hours. Not enough money. Not enough friends. Not enough others to help. Not enough grace. Not enough room. Not enough time.

For love. For dreams. For memory making. For journeys toward wholeness. For health. For prayers. For holy conversations.

For YOU.

It…everything…is running out. It will be over soon. Look how it flies by already. It is like sand through your fingers. You’d better hurry. You had better work harder.



Because there is not enough.

When we lay on this bed of lies…the bed of scarcity…we pull that blanket called “not enough” tightly up over our heads and we hear God through its fibers so that His words of love and abundance are muffled until we hardly hear Him at all. We hear a muffled, warped version of our Father.

There is not enough.

So we fling pieces of ourselves in different directions hoping to catch the world (and His favor? “Their” favor?) with a net, but all we have left are holes in our fragmented souls.

We live on the brink, on the edge…right where scarcity tells us that we stand and standing on that edge, we are just a hop, skip, and a jump from a break down. Holding things together by a thread, by a pinch, by the skin of our very teeth becomes common. Because that’s normal. That’s how you survive. That’s how you make it. That’s how you do good…how you succeed….in this world.

Isn’t that how we are supposed to live? Scarcity tells us so. Because there isn’t enough.

They mean well. IT means well…this bed of lies. The lies of scarcity and the cold cover of “not enough” try to protect us from falling short of some mythic standard in our society (and churches?). Mythic and shifting. Always moving the moment you step up to it.

It is all lies. All made up.

No matter the empirical evidence.

No matter what the “facts” seem to say.

No matter how REASONABLE it all seems.

No matter how RESPONSIBLE it seems to live this way.

Scarcity is a mirage.

Yesterday I was listening to my devotional podcast and I heard a sentence in German: “Ich habe genug”.

I have enough.

In my head I heard myself add: “Ich bin genug.” I am enough.

“I mache genug.” I do enough.

And? I habe genug Zeit. I have enough time. One decade, one week, one day….

Whatever is left for me here in this life…is enough.

THAT is when you and I really start to live.

Out of His Truth of abundance.

When we believe that there is not enough we scurry. We flail…and we fail to notice the signs around us. We don’t HEAR…the Word calling out to us every day in a hundred different ways through every crevice of our lives. We don’t EAT…we skip breakfast…the Bread of Life…to hurry up so we don’t miss…what? Ultimately, I don’t know. I am sure it is always some very good and noble thing, though.

I’ll tell you a secret. No, it isn’t a secret. It is just too often ignored.

The bed of lies of scarcity? With the cover of “not enough”? It is held up by box springs called “trust only in yourself and in what you can do”.

Listen. Just a few more moments. You DO have time. I promise.

The bed of abundance with a covering of “enough” is held up by box springs called “trust in Him”.

When we rest on this bed of abundance we truly REST. On the bed of lies there is no true rest. You know what we all do when we haven’t had a good night’s rest. We get edgy and hurried. All that we DO we do in a FRENZY. We cling and covet…because there’s not enough…We hold on so very tight…until we realize that it is all gone, has all passed us by… and we seemed to have missed it all anyway.


Slow down long enough to step into His rhythms, to walk to His beat of grace.

There is enough. There is enough. There is enough.

There is enough time to take care of yourself. Enough time to love. Enough time to allow others to say “yes” when you say “no”. Enough time to listen. Enough time to see. Enough time to be still.

Enough time to make memories. Enough time to have adventures. Enough room to fail. Even…ESPECIALLY…enough grace to make mistakes along the way and to get back up.

There is enough. Enough to share, to help, to offer, to give. For the rest of your days…however many there may be. No need to squeeze everything into one day. I promise.

You have enough time to take the long way home.

No, sweet girl. You DON’T have to lay in any bed you have made.

Get up.

Cover yourself with truth this year. This night. Tomorrow when you wake up.

There IS enough.

Du hast genug. Du bist genug. Du machst genug.

You have enough. You are enough. You do enough.

This past day? You DID enough. You WERE enough.

So go on to sleep. On your bed of abundance with a foundation of trusting in Him.

Sing yourself to sleep…to peace…with these words this year…with this covering.

I am enough. I am enough. I am enough.

I did enough. I did enough. I did enough.

There is enough. There is enough. There is enough.

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  1. A lot of insight and truth

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