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Telling the Truth

“How to Tell The Truth” by Paul Williams (“Nation of Lawyers”)

When you just have to talk,
try being silent.

When you feel reluctant to say anything,
make the effort
to put what you’re feeling into words.

This is a place to begin.

Pushing gently
against the current
of your own impulses
is an effective technique
for dislodging
and discovering
your truth.

How to tell the truth?

Taste it
and remember the taste in your heart.

Risk it
from the bottom of your love.

Take the risk
of telling the truth
about what you’re feeling.

Take the risk
of telling your loved one
your secrets.

It’s true
you might be misunderstood.

Look and see
if you’re willing to trust
to misunderstand each other
and go on from there.

When someone speaks to you
and you feel yourself not wanting to hear it
try letting it in.
You don’t have to agree that they’re right.
Just take the risk
of listening as if they could possibly be speaking
some truth—
and see what happens.

Listen as if.
Listen as if you can’t always tell
what the truth is.
Listen as if you might be wrong,
especially when you know you’re right.
Listen as if
you were willing to take the risk
of growing beyond
your righteousness.
Listen as if
love mattered.


  1. Deborah Froese

    Hi Kelli,

    I am Director of News Services for Mennonite Church Canada, a national church office, and I’m currently pulling together some material to share in a daily news sheet at our national assembly July 6-10.

    Might we have permission to use your poem, Telling the Truth? We are discerning some important issues for the church and see your words as powerful inspiration to truly listen to each other. The news sheet would be available in a few print copies and online–and of course, we would give you credit for the poem and provide the link to the page it appears on. (And send you a link to the issue it appears in!)

    Thank you for considering this request.

    • kellisorg

      Deborah, Thank you so much for even considering my work for such an important event. I have replied to you be email. Blessings, Kelli+

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