Now the whole offer which Christianity makes is this; that we can, if we let God have his way, come to share in the life of Christ. If we do, we shall then be sharing a life which was begotten, not made, which always has existed and always will exist. Christ is the Son of God. If we share in this kind of life we also shall be sons of God. We shall love the Father as He does and the Holy Ghost will arise in us. He came to the world and became a man in order to spread to other men the kind of life He has – by what I call ‘good infection’. Every Christian is to become a little Christ. The whole purpose of becoming a Christian is simply nothing else – CS Lewis, Mere Christianity

Kelli: In our time, have we been immunized by just enough of the ‘good infection’ of Christianity to make us deadened to all the rest of it? All that Lewis is writing about here is Holy Love – God for us, God with us, God in us. That change, into becoming Holy Love ourselves, by God’s power and our commitment, is the only way the world becomes a better place. In these upcoming days of Lent, may we realize once again that our lives have purpose and meaning.  Throw out the old stereotypes, the old wine-skins and get ready for what Holy Love is already doing among us.

Every day the world is being created anew and we can be part of it. Life doesn’t get much better than that.